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2008-02-11 16:37:36 by MangalovverGX

people always ask me when i do these comments if i am crazy or on drugs.................
WITCH I AM NOT!!!!!!!!!! refering to the word NOT!!!!
i just am a tad overfantasing............. i have a wild imagination people deal with it!!!!!!!!!!
Sonic: if you are gonna scream like that they will sure think that !
me: really? you sure?
Shadow: does he look like he's kidding?
me: uhhhh........
Shadow: no seriously!! does he look like that? i mean his face is so ugly that you can never say when he's joking or not!
Sonic: WHAT!!!!!!!!!! WHY YOU!!!!!!!!
Shadow: see!
me: *sweatdrop* *sigh* this is my life!



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2008-03-09 03:22:05



2008-03-25 15:41:23

we BOTH have a wild imagination.i was writing a sonic thing and it was crazy.i wasnt able to think of so it never got finished.:\

MangalovverGX responds:

that sucks!
i make Sonic story's too by the way YAY!!!!!!!!
and yes! wild imagination i have! verry much NYAH!!!!!!
it makes life far more interresting!