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2008-07-09 08:31:44 by MangalovverGX

i am momentarilly seeing the Anime Eyeshield 21
IT FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even though it's based on American Football and i am a girl it still ROCKS!!!!
i love the suspence in every chalange!
my fav. character of the moment is Hiruma Youichi!!!!
he's devillike and has fangs instead of teeth!
and he loves to blackmail!! HE'S SO COOL!!!!!!! i don't know why though....
he seems and acts like a DEMON!!!! not quite what every mom would want him as their perfect stepson.
i just love the Anime so much...... keeping under us i might say that i've been on the computer nonstop for 3 days seeing only these episodes..........BUT THEY ARE SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!
i can't believe how many times i have said cool and it fucking rocks about now ^^;
i'm now working on a trance song from their first opening!
in my opinion the first opening song is waaaaaaaay better then the second!
but that's me talking!
if you people would get the timewould you please check out this Anime?
you can then pinpoint you're opinion here on thecomments! :D arigato gozaimas!


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