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2008-06-03 15:01:43 by MangalovverGX

YO all of Newgrounds!
i know i havnt posted any new journals in the main time...
Cause this is actually the only thing i can do here heh... i tried making songs on fl studio but i really suck at it...
WHY CANT I BE LIKE ZERO_BASS!!!!!???? OR F-777?????
*sigh*..........but then again............they work really hard to make they're songs good........
i wish i had hat coming out of my efforts
no matter how hard i try i just goof up..........

Shadow: you always goof up no matter what you do....
me: HEY!!!! MEAN!!!
Shadow: *smirk*


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2008-07-05 15:17:32

why would you want to be anything or anyone but yourself
i love your music mind you you only have two songs
but they are excellent especially a childrens fantasy
just a wave of emotion hit me and i almost cried
and if you knew me i dont do that often
your music is wonderful and i wish you the best of luck in anything you do
but especially your music

MangalovverGX responds:

wow thanks ! you just made my day :D hah!
i still hope that i get better over the past years!